The Irish Setter Club (ISF)

The Irish Setter Club was formed in 1976 by a handful of people who believed - and believe – in country-wide breed association and work for the best of the breed.

The goal of the association is to spread information about the breed, activate all setter owners whatever their original ambition, whether for show, hunting, tracking and obedience. The association is for anyone who is interested in the breed of the Irish Setter.

The number of full paying members over the years has varied widely. Today we have over 800 members which we are proud of. We welcome all Irish setter lovers to the club and that they should receive all possible information about the association's work and in particular come in contact with the club in their local area.

Our local areas are a service in accordance with the intentions of what ISF always has stood for: The Society shall be where the dogs and their owners are and work primarily for the typical dog owner's best interests. On becoming a new member of the association it is our aim that the member will become aware as soon as possible of which local area they belong to, know who the local contact person is and feel welcome to our association.

ISF has a strong belief that the Irish Setter is a sound and healthy breed, which continues to be healthy even in the future. We have earlier actively worked for research about the seldom seen immune disease; CLAD (Canine Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency) which has resulted in the DNA tests used by veterinarians across Europe. This has meant a lot to all breeders.

ISF-magazine “ISF-Bladet” is published four times per year for each full paying member. In addition, the magazine is sent to many foreign Setter enthusiasts, to interested judges within and outside our country and for quite a number of veterinary clinics that expressed interest in having our magazine in their waiting rooms. The magazine often receives credit for the design and content initiated elsewhere in the kennel world. We are rightly proud of our ISF magazine and hope to inspire members to send more material.  This type of reading is really appreciated by the readership.

Our website, which is constantly updated, gives up to the minute information where everybody today has a computer and access to the internet. It is a quick way to put out information and for setter interested people, receive information.  Please visit our website, and if you have questions we promise to respond quickly and seriously.

ISF manages a relocation pool which finds new and permanent homes to any Irish setter needing a new home.
Of course, this is a non-profit business, a service to the ISF's breeders and the dog holding members.

Irish Red Setter Association members are proud of their membership and show this by wearing clothes, decorated with the ISF's emblem.
Member items can be ordered both by mail delivery (postage) or purchased at the ISF shows. Delivery of pre-ordered goods can be delivered at Kennel Club shows. Characteristic of ISF articles are high quality, professional workmanship and low prices. You can always follow on the website which articles are available, and how to requisition them. New tips and ideas are greatly appreciated.

Irish Red Setter Association's goal is to never stand still but to continue working for a merited serious breeding strategy. Earlier, the association has published a pedigree book which can be obtained, including through the website.

With active ISF members making contact with excellent foreign colleagues, plus our success at exhibitions across Europe, it follows that we have good insight into what's happening in Ireland, in Britain and the Continent. Thus we are able to affect the development of the breed and feel involved in what is decided outside Sweden. A number of breeding males from our country has been used by prominent breeders in Europe and the possibility of leasing of bitches between kennels has also shown that the setter people need each other - no matter where you live. This collaboration is extremely important for the future of the breed in our country. We can be proud that our local judges and judges from the continent have very high regard for the dogs bred here in Sweden.

ISF will always work for the interest of the Irish Setter. The ISF’s main goal is a positive future for the Irish Setter as breed dogs for showing, good obedience and a great working dog in the field and a wonderful, appreciated and beloved family dog.

Text: Ann Gistedt  Translation: Mary Walsh

Through the ISF club you can find information on:                           

Puppies for sale – Information on new born puppies available for sale. ISF does not assume any responsibility in respect of any puppy purchased from this list.

Breeders – Here you find the list of breeders who are members of the ISF. ISF does not recommend specific breeders, but refers only to those breeders who follow SKK's (Swedish Kennel club) rules.

Show results  - Results from our own club shows and show organized by SKK and FA.

Membership – Information on club membership

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